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Resso is the best and most popular music streaming platform. When we have to log in we have several options through phone numbers, Email, or through social media accounts. In this, we completely guide you that how can you change your email account. With our step-by-step guide, you can easily understand and adopt it practically on your devices.

Resso has now reached over 100M+ active users all over the world with its cool and attractive features. Resso improve itself day by day and rapidly increase its growth in the music industry. With its unique features like creating your own favorite playlists, tracks, customized according to your desire. With its innovative feature of social interaction, you can able to share the music with your friends, family, and many others.

Resso requires an Email address to get in and enjoy the realistic features. Due to some reasons, you may need to change your email address. The process of changing the Email address is a very easy method, In this blog post, we guide you with a step-by-step guide How to Change Your Resso Email Account? Lets start!

Step-by-Step Guide To Change Your Resso Email Account

Open App

Open the Resso App on your device if you previously installed it.

Account Settings

When you see the interface of the app search the “Settings” option. After finding tap on the settings and find the option of “Account Settings”. This is usually located in the menu section or in your profile section.

Edit Profile

When you enter the “Account Settings” there is an option to “Edit Profile” or “Account Information”. Whatever you get just tap on it.

Change Your Resso Email Account

Change Email

When you tap on the “Edit Profile” look for the field which shows your current “Email Address”. Tap on it and change the current Email Address with the new one which you want.


Due to security measures of the app, you need to verify your new Email Address. Verification is done by the verification link, or by the SMS.

Save Changes

After all the processes when you change your new Email and verify it. Then tap on the “Save” button or any similar one.

New Mail

When you save the changes your account may be logged out and again login with the new email which you changed.

When You Can’t Change Your Resso Email Account

When you are unable to change your Email Address contact the Resso Official Support Team.

There should be several reasons that you can’t change your Email Address some of which may be service failure. Don’t panic just wait until the issue is solved.

Update Apps

Changing of Email Address feature may not be available on your current version. So, you need to update your current version to the latest one!

Verification Issue

There may be a verification issue if arrived again go back there should be an option Resend Verification option. Tap on it and verify again.

Technical Issue

Technical issues, bugs, or glitches occurred. You need to keep waiting until the problem is solved by the Resso App.

User Error

There may occurrence of user error. Read carefully the above Change Your Resso Email Account guide and do the same. Simply recheck your changing method and solve if a loophole is available.

Contact Support

Contact Resso’s official support team and discuss your problem.

Change Your Resso Email Account without a Password

Here, is a detailed guide on How to Change Your Resso Email Account without a Password?

Password Reset

Click on the “Reset Password” or “Forget Password” option which appears on the login screen. Then you will receive a new verification link message or code by which you are able to enter your new Email Address.

Change Your Resso Email Account
  • Firstly open the Resso App on your device and enter a welcome interface of the login bar.
  • After the login bar has appeared there is a “Forget Password” option at the bottom.
  • Tap on the Forget Password option and enter your new Email Address.
  • After putting in the new Email Address and submitting it.
  • Verify the new Email Address and enjoy the changes.

Conclusion of Change Your Resso Email Account

Changing your Resso account email is a straightforward process that involves accessing your account settings, verifying your current email, entering the new email address, and confirming the changes. Ensure you follow the prompts carefully to successfully update your email.


Why should Change Your Resso Email Account?

Changing your email might be necessary if you have a new primary email address or want to enhance the security of your account. It ensures you receive important communications and notifications.

Can I change my email to any address?

Yes, as long as the new email address is valid and not already associated with another Resso account.

What if I forget my password during the email change process?

Make sure you remember your password or have access to the recovery options linked to your account. If you forget your password, you might face difficulties changing your email.

How do verify email change while Change Your Resso Email Account?

Resso may send a verification code to your current email address. Enter this code in the app to confirm the email change.

Will my playlists and saved music be affected?

No, changing your email should not impact your playlists or saved music. Your account details are updated, but your content remains intact.

How often you can Change Your Resso Email Account?

Resso might have specific policies regarding how frequently you can change your email. Refer to their terms of use or support documentation for more information.

What if I face issues during the email change?

If you encounter any problems, you can reach out to Resso’s customer support for assistance. Look for contact details within the app or on their official website.

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