The music streaming platforms are grown very vast. Each one has its own unique features. In today’s there are two major music players one of them is Resso and the other one is Deezer. Which one of these is the right option for you? Let’s sort out this by our Resso Vs Deezer comparison guide.

Overview of Resso Vs Deezer


Resso App is launched by ByteDance. This company is behind TikTok. Resso focused more on social media and strengthen the music streaming experience for the listeners. Earlier, it primarily targeted only the Asian markets, but as time changes, it is rapidly making its path globally.

Resso Vs Deezer


Deezer started in France. Now these days Deezer has become popular in the whole global music streaming industry. With its vast music library, playlists, and many other innovative features. Deezer has maintained a significant presence in the music world!

Resso Vs Deezer

Resso Vs Deezer In-Depth Comparison

Music Catalog


Resso offers a very vast collection of musical tracks with a significant emphasis which is based on regional content. Especially in the Asian music world.


Deezer holds a massive music library of over 73 million tracks. That makes Deezer one of the largest storage of songs among other music streaming platforms.

User Interface & Experience


Resso represents itself by engaging high-quality visuals. Resso uses lyric quotes which users can easily share with family and friends. This interface is designed for social interaction with amazing features that allow users to comment on the song and like their favorite lines from songs.


Deezer provides a clean and user-friendly interface. The “Flow” feature is very unique for listeners. Music based on user preferences, ensuring a personalized listening experience with Deezer.



Resso offers a Freemium model. That offers both free and premium accounts which include Ads-free with higher and top-quality music streaming options.


As Resso, Deezer also provides both free (Ad-supported) and premium versions for their users. The premium versions include Deezer Premium, Deezer Family, and Deezer HiFi, which offers FLAC format lossless audio to entertain their listeners to the next level!



Resso initially focused primarily on the Asian music markets but now improve and upgrade itself and progressively expanding its global footprint.


Deezer is available in over 180 countries. Deezer making its presence felt almost worldwide.

Unique Features


  • Interactive lyrics: Allows users to share their favorite lines with friends, family and others.
  • User-generated content: Users can add lyrics, comments on their favorite songs, and pictures to tracks.


  • Flow: Personalized music recommendation feature which is a great invention by itself.
  • Deezer Sessions: Live sessions from various top artists are available exclusively on Deezer.

Audio Quality


Resso offers standard audio quality in its free version. With higher music quality is available just for premium users.


The free version of Deezer provides standard audio quality. But its HiFi tier offers lossless audio in the FLAC format and making it appealing to audiophiles.

Social and Community Features


This is where Resso shines. With its community-driven features users can easily create and share lyric cards with others, write comments on their favorite songs, and engage with a high-quality song community.


While Deezer allows playlist-sharing features and allow to follow the best artists in the world.

Podcasts and Other Content


Resso’s primary focus is on the music, with just a few non-musical content options.


Deezer has a dedicated section for podcasts and radio shows. It offers a broader spectrum of audio content.

Price and Planning Resso Vs Deezer

Price & PlansRessoDeezer
Free PlanAvailable (with Ads)Available (with Ads)
Premium Plan$1.45 per month.
Pay Online
$10.99 per month.
Pay Online.
Family Plan$4.99 per month.
Pay Online.
$20.99 per month.
Pay Online.
Student PlanDeeze gives a 50% discount to the students.Deeze gives the 50% discount to the students.

Resso Vs Deezer


There are easy ways to transfer. Here, you can easily transfer from one to another

Conclusion of Resso Vs Deezer

Both Resso and Deezer have their own strengths in the music streaming world. If you want a more social, interactive experience with a focus on Asian markets. Resso might be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want an extensive music library, an established reputation, and high-quality audio is what you seek, Deezer is hard to beat and good for you.

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How does Resso’s social feature compare to other platforms?

Resso uniquely combines music streaming with social interaction, letting users share comments and experiences directly on tracks.

Is Deezer’s music library larger than Resso’s?

While Deezer boasts an extensive library with 73+ million tracks, Resso’s emphasis is on regional songs, especially targeting Asian markets.

Which platform is better for high-quality audio Resso Vs Deezer?

In Resso Vs Deezer! Deezer offers a HiFi subscription tier delivering music in FLAC format, which is especially appealing to those seeking high-definition sound.

How do subscription costs for Resso Vs Deezer?

In Resso Vs Deezer, Both platforms offer free and premium plans. Deezer provides additional tiers for families and students, potentially offering more flexibility in pricing.

Are both platforms available globally?

While Deezer is available in over 180 countries, Resso, being newer, is still expanding its global footprint, with a significant focus on Asian markets.

Which platform offers a more interactive user experience?

Resso prioritizes user interaction and community feel, whereas Deezer focuses on simplicity and ease of music discovery.

Do both platforms have offline listening in their premium plans?

Yes, both Resso and Deezer offer offline listening in their premium subscriptions.

Which platform is recommended for someone seeking unique features?

If social interaction and community participation appeal to you, Resso is the way to go. However, if high-quality audio and extensive music discovery are priorities, Deezer stands out.

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