Resso Vs Tidal Music

Resso Vs Tidal Music

Music streaming plays a vital role in our life, especially for those who like the music most. They offer us huge libraries and personalized playlists only one touch away. There are a wide number of platforms available which provide us with a great amount of music, but choosing the right one can be challenging. Today, we’ll discuss a comprehensive comparison between the two most popular music streaming apps between Resso Vs Tidal Music.

Resso Vs Tidal Music In-Depth Comparison

When it comes to deciding the music platform for the sake of listening, music streaming apps are in millions in the world. Resso Vs Tidal Music, both are providing high-quality music which can surely entertain music lovers. If you are stuck choosing between them, don’t worry you come to the right place, Our comparison guide will guide you properly to decide easily which one is better!


RessoTidal Music
Resso App is launched by ByteDance.Tidal Music is backed by renowned rapper and businessman Jay-Z
Resso App is a top music streaming platform in India with lots of twists.Tidal Music provides premium quality music. Stands out with its Hi-Fi music quality.

Resso Vs Tidal Music

Both Resso and Tidal Music promise for providing music which entertains the listeners. Both Resso and Tidal offer free and premium versions.

Ressp and Tidal Music offer the same pricing plans for their premium versions. For you further ease we draw a chart of pricing plans of both apps which helps you to choose which one is better for you. As we all have our own music taste!

Price and PlansRessoTidal Music
Free TrailFree Trial is Available which may vary with regions.Tidal Music usually allows to use it for about 30 days.
Free TierResso provides it with Ads.Not Available
Premium PlansResso offers a Premium plan of approximately $6.99 per month.Tidal offers a Premium plan of approximately $19.99 per month.
Family PlanIt varies with the region. Resso offers approximately $9.99 per month.Tidal offers approximately $14.99 for standard and $29.99 for HiFi per month.
Student DiscountsFor students, Resso offers a discount of $2.19 per month.For students, Tidal Music also offers a discount of $14.99 per month.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Resso

  • Social combination and engagement.
  • For enhancing listening much more focused on the lyrics.
  • Playlists are updated so quickly to deliver new songs to listeners.

Pros of Tidal Music

  • Through HiFi, Tidal Music provides top music quality.
  • For artists, it provides useful content.
  • Highly rich in the release of content regularly.

Cons of Resso

  • The audio quality of the music might not be suitable for the audiophiles.
  • Resso offers limited podcast or interview content.

Cons of Tidal Music

  • Tidal is more expensive than many other competitors.
  • No availability of a standard free tier.

Conversion of Music

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Resso Vs Tidal Music

Conclusion of Resso Vs Tidal Music

Both Resso and Tidal Music offer unique features catering to different audiences. If high-fidelity sound and exclusives are your priority, Tidal might be the best fit. However, if you value lyric interactions and a social music experience, Resso could be your platform of choice.


Which platform offers better sound quality, Resso Vs Tidal Music?

Tidal Music is renowned for its high-fidelity sound, especially in its HiFi and Master subscription tiers.

Does Resso offer any exclusive content like Tidal?

While Resso focuses on emerging artists and lyric-based features, Tidal often secures exclusive releases from major artists.

Can I share my playlists on Resso and Tidal?

Yes, both platforms allow playlist sharing, with Resso emphasizing its social sharing features.

Which platform is more affordable?

Resso typically offers a more budget-friendly subscription, whereas Tidal’s pricing reflects its premium quality offerings.

Do Resso and Tidal Music offer podcasts?

While Tidal provides podcasts and exclusive interviews, Resso primarily focuses on music content.

Which platform is better for discovering new artists?

Resso often promotes emerging artists, making it a great platform for discovery.

Are there free versions available for Resso and Tidal Music?

Resso offers a free tier with ads, whereas Tidal typically offers limited-time free trials.

Which one offers better offline listening features?

Both platforms provide offline listening for their premium subscribers, ensuring music access even without internet connectivity.

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