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Resso is the platform for the ones who feel and love music the most and also it is also a place for the new talented artists to show their skills to the whole world. Today, we discuss another smart feature of How to Stream on Resso!

What is Stream on Resso

Resso is a digital music streaming service that offers a platform for music enthusiasts to discover and enjoy a vast collection of songs from various genres and artists. One of its features, “Stream on Resso,” allows users to share and broadcast music content in real time. Becoming a streamer on Resso means individuals can host live music sessions, curate personalized playlists, and engage with their listeners through comments and interactions, essentially creating their own virtual music broadcasting channel.

Stream on Resso

This dynamic platform enables users to showcase their musical preferences, connect with a global audience, and immerse themselves in the world of live music streaming, fostering a sense of community around shared musical interests. Overall, Resso offers a unique and interactive music experience for both music creators and listeners alike.

How To Stream on Resso

Resso App

Download and install the Resso App on your mobile device from the app store.

Create an Account

Sign up for Resso by creating an account with your email or linking your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Live Tab

After logging in, go to the “Live” tab located at the bottom of the app interface to access live-streaming content.

Set Up Your Stream

Before starting your live stream, make sure to check a few things. First and foremost, ensure that you have a stable internet connection. Additionally,, you will need a device with a good camera and microphone if you plan to show yourself during the stream. Finally, it is important to have a selection of music tracks ready that you intend to play during your stream. Once you have everything set up, head to the “Live” tab to start your live stream.

Start Your Live Stream

It’s important to have a collection of music tracks prepared that you plan to play during your stream. Once you have everything set up, navigate to the “Live” tab where you’ll find an option to start your own live stream.

Select Music and Interact

As your stream begins, you can play your chosen tracks and interact with your audience in real time. Viewers can comment, send reactions, and engage with you, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere.

Curate Playlists

To attract listeners who resonate with your musical choices, consider curating playlists that match a specific mood, theme, or genre to keep your stream engaging.


Engaging with your audience during your stream creates a sense of community, enhances their experience, and encourages them to resocial median.

Promote Your Stream

When promoting your streams, you can use various platforms to attract a wider audience. The more you promote your streams, the more viewers you’re likely to get. Once you’re ready to end your stream, make sure to do it properly.

End the Stream

When streaming, it’s important to properly thank your viewers and give them a heads-up about future sessions.

Stream on Resso

How To Stream on Resso

Conclusion About Stream on Resso

In conclusion, streaming on Resso opens up a world of musical exploration, connection, and creativity. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can dive into the exciting realm of live music broadcasting, sharing your favorite tracks, curating playlists, and interacting with a global audience. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a budding artist, or simply someone who loves to share their musical tastes, Resso offers a dynamic platform to express yourself and engage with fellow music lovers. Embrace the power of live streaming on Resso and embark on a journey of musical discovery like never before.

FAQs of Stream on Resso

1. Can anyone stream on Resso?

Yes, anyone with a Resso account can become a streamer. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, DJ, artist, or someone passionate about sharing music, you can start streaming on Resso.

2. Do I need any special equipment to stream on Resso?

While Resso streams can be as simple as playing music and interacting with your audience, having a stable internet connection, a device with a good camera and microphone, and a selection of music tracks can enhance your streaming experience.

3. Can I monetize my streams on Resso

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Resso doesn’t provide direct monetization options for streamers like some other platforms do. However, this might have changed since then. It’s recommended to check Resso’s official guidelines for the most up-to-date information on monetization options.

4. Can I stream copyrighted music on Resso

Resso has agreements with various music labels and publishers, which should cover the music available on the platform. However, it’s important to be mindful of copyright rules and not use copyrighted material that you don’t have the rights to during your streams.

5. How do I attract more viewers to my Resso stream

Promote your streams on social media, engage with viewers during your streams, and curate interesting playlists to attract like-minded listeners. Consistency and interaction go a long way in building a dedicated audience.

6. Can I schedule my streams on Resso

As of my last update, Resso didn’t offer scheduling features for streams. However, platforms frequently update their features, so it’s advisable to check the app’s latest version or official documentation for any new scheduling options.

7. Can I save my streams on Resso for later viewing

Resso primarily focuses on live streaming, and the availability of saved streams may vary. Check the app’s features to see if there’s an option to save your streams for later viewing.

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