Update Your Name, User Name, And Bio In Resso

Resso App is the best worldwide music streaming app. Growth of it increasing rapidly. Resso’s social interaction with millions of users makes it more famous. Makes your Resso account good-looking by updating your Profile pictures, Cover photos, Usernames, and Bio. Here, is a question of How to update your name, username, and bio In Resso!

Update Your Name, User Name, And Bio In Resso

In the early stages of installing and opening the Resso App, you set or skip your user name, ID name, or Biodata. These all are the factors that make your account looks good. If you are trying to find a way How to Update Your Name, User Name, And Bio In Resso. Then, you come to the right destination. With our step-by-step easy guide, you adopt the method quite easily.

Step-By-Step Guide

Resso App

You have an installed Resso App on your device. Open the main page for the further process to Update Your Name, User Name, And Bio In Resso App.

Update Your Name, User Name, And Bio In Resso


See in the bottom there is a Profile option located there in a circular icon in which your current profile picture or human figure by default is visible.

Update Your Name, User Name, And Bio In Resso

Profile Setting

By tapping on the profile you access the profile settings. Where you can edit or change all your personal information such as change your profile and cover picture, name and username, and also Bio.

Update Name

Update your name by following the method. Look here for an option like the “Name” or “Display Name”. If find any of them just tap on them. Now edit the current name with the new one which you want. When you are satisfied with the name keep the changes save.

Update Username

When it comes to updating the username find there an option like “Username” or “User ID“. You have to ensure that your username must be unique which is never taken by any other user. The similarity of usernames is judged by Resso Official. When you successfully update your unique username tap on the save button to keep the changes safe.

Update Bio

In order to update your Biodata. Search for an option that seems like “Bio” or “About Me“. After finding any of them write your Bio in a sentence. Your description consists of your complete motive. Select the field and type in your new Bio. When the changes you make are done then save the data.

Save Changes

When you feel satisfied with all the changes you made. Keep all the changes saved by tapping on the save button and enjoy your new identity!

Learn How To Update In Resso

Update Your Name, User Name, And Bio In Resso


Updating your name, username, and bio on the Resso app allows you to keep your profile fresh and relevant. By following these easy and simple steps, you can easily personalize your profile to reflect your current preferences and share information with other users.


1. Can I change my username to anything I want?

Username availability might be subject to Resso’s guidelines and policies. Some usernames might already be taken, so you might need to try different variations.

2. How often can I update my profile information?

You can update your profile information, including your name, username, and bio, as often as you like. However, excessive changes might be subject to limitations or review.

3. Will my followers be notified when I update my profile?

Resso doesn’t typically send notifications to your followers when you update your profile information.

4. Do I need an active internet connection to update my profile?

Yes, you need an active internet connection to access the Resso app and make changes to your profile.

5. Can I use special characters in my username?

Resso’s username guidelines might restrict the use of certain special characters. Stick to letters, numbers, and common symbols.

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